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Collectors Day

This dayde which takes place every 2nd Sunday in September, has become a household name in the plant world.

This is the start of the new/official planting season and the freshly grown crops will be put up for sale.

The range is aimed at every plant collector and enthusiast who is looking for 'new' varieties, unknown species, surprising plant genera and difficult to grow species that are hard to find elsewhere.

From international connections, relationships with professional colleagues and arboreta, there is a unique collection every year. The choice from our nursery for this day is specifically interesting for this target group, partly because of the often limited stock in details.

In addition to the young seedlings and cuttings, there are countless larger specimens of unique trees, shrubs, conifers, perennials, etc., limited in number and surprisingly in size. 

This day is also known for meeting other collectors and people from the plants world. 

In the midst of this botanical conviviality, vegetable drinks and delicacies are also offered

A day not to be missed!