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Garden Tour 2021

Lowgardens is one of the 8 participants in the Garden Toer Zundert, which will take place on Sunday 4 July. Read more about the open gardens below.
When: July 4, 2021
Time: from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Free access
Route all gardens: approximately 35 km

The following gardens are participating.

Garden de Geesthof by Kees and Lida van Gaal – Achtmaalseweg 139, Achtmaal

Garden of 0.5 ha. Extensive lawn surrounded by a collection of over 800 unusual trees, shrubs and perennials.
Collection of about forty, especially special Buddleja species (butterfly bushes). There are also about fifty salvia species scattered throughout the garden.
All plants have a name tag. As a hobby we propagate various plants from the garden that are for sale.

Garden of Kees and Corry van Aert – Achtmaalseweg 138, Zundert

Garden around a farm laid out in sections with many perennials, including Iris and Hydrangea. About thirty Dahlias also find a place.
There is a vegetable garden and there are about 10 apple varieties and various types of pears and plums on this traditional fruit company. The harvest of this starts at the end of July and continues until the end of October. Juice is made from the harvested fruit.
There is also an opportunity to buy unusual perennials. The garden is not perfect, but it is cozy!

Flowers from the garden of John Kustermans and Angela Roelands – Grote Heistraat 48, Wernhout

In 1996 we bought the house on a plot of 9,000 m2.
We started by tackling a piece of the garden each time. Our starting point was a large sitting pit and from there the garden has continued to grow. Only the large deciduous trees are left of the old planting and everything else has been tackled again. There are now all kinds of sitting areas, a veranda, a greenhouse, a fruit orchard, wild flower field, jeu-de-boules court, chickens, lawn, perennial borders, our adopted cat Garfield and lots of flowers!
Since last year I, Angela, have my own business in growing and selling flowers from my own garden. We also make our garden and hospitality available to people with NAH (Uncongenital Brain Injury) to enjoy the tranquility with their company in a low-stimulus environment.
We really enjoy participating in the Garden Toer Zundert and hope that people who come to see it are just as enthusiastic about our garden as we are.
During the Tuin Toer Zundert, visual artist Fien Peeters exhibits in our garden with a relief series in white ceramics entitled: “Feminine charm and red ceramics consisting of garden ladies”.

Lowgardens Nurseries by Pascale and Peter – Maalbergenstraat 26, Wernhout.

As a nursery of a diversity of rare and special plant species, Lowgardens Nurseries is a mecca for the plant lover. Beautiful colours, scents and shapes welcome you upon entering. The wide range originated from a hobby in which diversity and practical value are of paramount importance. You will find a wide choice of ornamental plants, insect or bird attractors, medicinal and just edible plants. Grown true to nature, of course without pesticides.
You can relax in our senses-pleasing garden and enjoy a particularly interesting assortment from different parts of the world in peace. Pleasant seating areas invite to herbal tea, coffee and herbal, homemade botanical pastries of the season. There is a small atmospheric Botanical Atelier, centrally located in the "The Natural Outdoor Plant Store" with an ongoing exhibition of botanical artworks and more by Pascale.
Incidentally, you can use our ample parking space if you want to continue the route by bicycle.

The garden of Corrie and Johan Braspenning – Vossenbergstraat 5, Klein-Zundert

The long gable farm was built in 1941 and is a municipal monument. In the middle of the garden is a row of 21 beech trees that fall under the Zundert Tree Ordinance and may therefore never be cleared. This used to be an apple orchard. Over the years it has grown into a beautiful farm garden of 3,000 m2 with a large lawn and borders with a great diversity of plants. A nice garden where you can relax in the sun as well as in the shade. There is also a fruit garden with various berries, apples, pears, blackberries and raspberries. There is also a sheep pasture.

Klein Ekeby by Henk and Paul-Vic – Moersebaan 22, Klein-Zundert

Our garden Klein Ekeby is located in the middle of the De Moeren, Wallsteijn and Buisse Heide estates and the De Reten nature reserve. The garden is characterized by a private part around the house, characterized by a strong hedge structure with rich borders, orchard and vegetable garden. Outside the hedges, the garden focuses on the surrounding landscape, with a balance between colorful borders and natural flower meadows. This also creates an attractive living environment for many butterflies, dragonflies, birds and other insects. There are more than 250 different species in the garden, most of which are perennials with name plates.
In de tuin zijn meer dan 250 verschillende soorten aanwezig, waarvan de meeste vaste planten voorzien zijn van een naambordje.

Nursery De Plantage van Perry Pijnen – Antwerpseweg 91, Rijsbergen

Plant nursery De Plantage is actually a hobby that has grown into a nursery (plant center) of approximately 30,000 m2 with a tunnel in the backyard. In the high season you will find approximately 1,500 species. Our passion is to create an experience of the plant center. It's not quite finished yet, but come and experience it for yourself with your own eyes! For example, we have a built-in grape greenhouse with 10 varieties of grapes, and our 3,000 m2 show garden is taking shape. In the show garden we show part of our range, including a part of the summer bloomers around 2 water features. This gives you an idea of what your garden can look like with the plants. During the Garden Tour Zundert you can enjoy a soft ice cream and/or satay with baguette. The company Nouws mechanization shows a demonstration with lawnmower robots and other garden tools.