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New logo to support our vision

From 2020, Lowgardens Nurseries & Consultancy uses a new logo to emphasize the vision even more. It will be clear that it is all about plants and assortment. But there is much more.

Sustainability is our top priority. The cultivation of plants is obvious with nature and is supported with natural and as much as possible with plant resources. The purpose of the nursery is not to take but to give back to nature. (No CO² footprint)
Plant diversity is not only important to stimulate biodiversity but also provides more connection and interaction in the broadest sense of the word. The Earth benefits from plant diversity, not only on a global level but also on a small scale, such as in your garden or even on your balcony.

Ethnobotany teaches us as humans to work (together) with plants. You can use plants in many ways and for many purposes. Food, medicinal and for all kinds of tools are a few examples, but there is even more ...
Knowledge of assortment is important for the above, so Lowgardens Natural Outdoor Plantstore is equipped with handy information signs. Useful for study and exchange. The ethnobotanic garden is an extension of this.
The range of plants at Lowgardens is diverse, sustainable and usable. The new logo has its roots centrally, both literally and symbolically.