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Openinghours on friday and saturday: 10.00 to 17.00

Dowsing rod: consultation / course

Peter has a long experience as a geomant, with ecological and energetic know-how. Among other things, he successfully completed the ECOtherapy education. He possesses a wealth of geopathic knowledge that he uses in various ways within the plant world and environment.

In this capacity, he regularly gives on-site consultations, such as homes and companies. Reasons can be of various kinds (health, business, etc.)
In the ethnobotanic garden, he gives divining-rod courses on request that can be adjusted per group.
For more information or registration you can contact Peter.

Customized lectures / workshops on request for groups

On request we provide lectures or workshops that are related to our vision and knowledge for your group or association.

The subjects within our range can differ from "Dendrology", "Plant propagation", "Etnobotanica" to the effect of "Essential Oils" and "Edible plants". A course in "Dowsing Rods" or "Geomancy" is also possible for your group.
Information and prices on request.

Group arrangements Lowgardens Nurseries

Group arrangements Lowgardens Nurseries (guidance 2 hours)
for garden groups and other occasions.

Start at 10am
1. Welcome and explanation near Botanical Atelier with herbal tea or coffee with homemade cakes or cookies.
2. Tour in plantstore and ethnobotanic garden / discussion of plant groups.
3. During opening hours until 5 pm opportunity / access to ethnobotanic garden and plantstore.

From 6 people
Reserve at least 2 weeks in advance
Price on request.