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Lowgardens Nurseries & Consultancy in Nov / Dec issue of Groei & Bloei

Connection and Communication between plants
Or; how do I make a vital unity of a plant and experience the benefits

In this practical two-day course you will learn how a plant can 'grow' into a more lively whole. And how an exchange arises. An exchange of symbolic information between plants and other living beings such as animals and humans. This form of plant sociology contains many advantages in an ecological sense, which translates into an economic sense.

Topics covered:

Experiencing fine material plant energies

  • How grounded and how 'sun'd is a plant or tree?
  • Adaptation, photosynthesis and biophotons
  • Improving the appearance of plants and trees
  • Observing and improving vitality of plants and places
  • Sympathy and apathy between plants
  • Optimizing the atmosphere in the house, garden or environment
  • Contact with plant spirits
  • Interpreting symbolic information from plants
  • Holistic meaning of plant groups and individuals
  • Plant sociology in practice

Afterwards you know the ecological and economic benefits of a vital vegetable whole and you know how to optimize this.

No prior knowledge is required, a well-founded interest, a healthy connection with nature and a green thumb will suffice.
This study training has been developed for people who work professionally or as a hobby with plants and trees and who want to deepen their knowledge and is given by:

Lowgardens Nurseries & Consultancy

Peter Vanlaerhoven and Pascale Matthijssen

Place: Zundert
Date: Friday April 4 and 25.
Time: 09:00 – 16:00.

Costs: € 225.00 (excl. VAT) per participant incl. coffee/tea and organic lunch.
Number of participants from 7 people, maximum 12.

Own location and private group on request.

See you then!

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