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The Natural Outdoor Plantstore

A large diversity of rare plant species in an attractive environment.
Thé Walhalla for every plant lover.

1st Sunday of July“TuinToerZundert”

August 1st to 2nd Sunday of September summer closure

2nd Sunday of SeptemberCollectors Day

December 1 to March 1 Winter closure

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As a nursery of a variety of rare and special plant species, Lowgardens Nurseries is a mecca for the plant lover. Beautiful colors, shapes and scents will welcome you by entering the scene. In the attractively decorated nursery, there are always a few specimens of the many species, including the necessary explanations on the small information boards. In short, lesser-known and rare species with ornamental value and often use value, such as edible, medicinal, insect or bird attractors and much more.

Of course no pesticides are used with us. We work wíth nature.


Every year, on the 2nd Sunday of September, Lowgardens Nurseries starts the new season with the "Collectors Day". On this day the new extended, especially home-grown range will be sold. Beautiful colors, shapes and scents welcome you at the entrance of the nursery. A huge, often specialized diversity of trees, shrubs, climbing plants, conifers and perennials in various pot sizes with interesting prices. Less known and rare species with ornamental value and often also use value, such as edible, medicinal, insect or bird attractors etc. Attractive to grow for lovers or for planting directly in your garden. In the meantime, herbal coffee and tea are served with traditional homemade pastries.


Ethnobotany stands for the study of the relationship between plants and people. In this garden we would like to refer you to this relation through an optional guided tour.
You can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in our sensory-delightful garden. Pleasant seating areas invite for herbal tea, coffee and seasonal, home-made delicacies.


Lowgardens Nurseries grows a wide range of trees, shrubs, climbing plants, conifers, perennials and herbs, both for the 'Natural Outdoor Plantstore' and for wholesale. The range is mainly based on useful (ethnobotany) plants and ornamental value. Rare and difficult to propagate species are an important part of the assortment. Propagation consists of sowing, cuttings, grafting and dividing. The range consists of a varied pot size, from P9 to C120. Everything is grown true to nature, without pesticides and environmentally conscious, with biodiversity being of paramount importance.

Product range

Lowgardens Nurseries cultivates a diversity of rare plant species. Trees, shrubs, conifers, climbers, perennials and ferns are the most common plant groups at our nursery. The broad assortment changes regularly and it is not workable for us to maintain a current list on this site. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to ship plants to guarantee our high-quality cultivation. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised in the supply at our nursery time after time.







Who we are?

Peter Vanlaerhoven

Peter has a long experience as a woody, botanical species grower, with knowledge of cultivation techniques and ethnobotanical, ecological and energetic know-how. He successfully completed the study in ECOtherapy. He possesses a wealth of geopathic knowledge that he uses in various ways within the plant world and environment. His interest mainly goes to lesser-known, woody crops.

Pascale Matthijssen

Pascale is an assortment grower, herbalist and artist. She has had a strong connection with nature from an early age. Botanical drawings and paintings were created out of amazement and love for this. Partly because of her work experience in perennial cultivation and training as a herbalist, she knows the practice in several areas. She has an empathic capacity that connects seamlessly with the energetic effect of plants and nature. Her interest is in “Native American Ethnobotany”.

Lowgardens Nurseries

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Peter: +31 65115 0438
Pascale: +31 65784 5663

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