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Lowgardens Nurseries & Consultancy

Thé specialized nursery with an attractive and unique garden center "The Natural Outdoor Plantstore" of special plants.

The Walhalla for every plant lover! A great diversity of rare plant species in an attractive environment.
Where plants are given time and people can slow down.

1st Sunday of July“TuinToerZundert”

August 1st to 2nd Sunday of September summer closure

2nd Sunday of SeptemberCollectors Day

December 1 to March 1 Winter closure

Workshops, lectures events and possible winterclosure: see news


Has grown into an atmospheric, inspiring “Plant Boutique” from young plants in small pots to unique, mature solitary plants in large pots. Mostly exclusive and rare species with ornamental value and often also practical value such as edible, medicinal, insect attractors, bird decoys and more… Beautiful colours, shapes and scents caress all your senses when entering.

The furnishing is based on knowledge and intuition, so that the life energy can be clearly felt. The extensive range is therefore an attractive and cohesive unit.

While walking through this “plant candy store” you will be informed about the relevant plants by means of educational information boards, which are offered for sale at realistic prices. The range is enormously varied and is regularly updated with original and striking species for optimum biodiversity in your garden. Tussendoor kunt u genieten van kruidenthee en -koffie. 

Customized advice, both for private individuals and professionals, is optional. (Inquire about the possibilities.)

For (international) dendrological and subject-related companies there are, in consultation, countless options such as lunch, external overnight stays or other extras. (Please register in time.)


This dayde which takes place every 2nd Sunday in September, has become a household name in the plant world.

This is the start of the new/official planting season and the freshly grown crops will be put up for sale.

The range is aimed at every plant collector and enthusiast who is looking for 'new' varieties, unknown species, surprising plant genera and difficult to grow species that are hard to find elsewhere.

From international connections, relationships with professional colleagues and arboreta, there is a unique collection every year. The choice from our nursery for this day is specifically interesting for this target group, partly because of the often limited stock in details.

In addition to the young seedlings and cuttings, there are countless larger specimens of unique trees, shrubs, conifers, perennials, etc., limited in number and surprisingly in size. 

This day is also known for meeting other collectors and people from the plants world. 

In the midst of this botanical conviviality, vegetable drinks and delicacies are also offered

A day not to be missed!


You can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the sensory garden.

The shape originates from a first design. This was later adjusted due to the number of visitors during the famous 'Collectors' Day'. The once original entrance to the garden is located in the middle of The Plantstore. The enchanting garden path leads you past the simple tea house with small seats where a few senses are immediately pleasantly stimulated. The surprising planting is based on (mainly) trees and plants with useful purposes and an energetic effect. Here, too, a choice has been made for biodiversity based on competence and feeling, so that different species reinforce each other and ensure equilibrium and balance with a lively effect for all living things.

For example, Deutzia and Phyllostachys with its hollow stems provide an energetic cleansing effect. Sassafras and Maackia are pronounced Solar (extrovert) trees, have an activating effect. Acer and Osmunda are pronounced Lunar (introverted) trees/plants and have a passive effect. Cornus and Populus provide firmness with their fine and broad root system. They also provide delicious scents, colors and shapes that can be used for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic applications.

In the garden there is also the possibility to receive larger groups at the covered seats. Possibly with pre-ordered lunch,  etc


Based on Passion, love and respect for nature, true-to-nature cultivation is of paramount importance to Peter and cultivation is environmentally supportive. Due to a great diversity of species, a vital crop prevails at the nursery and the surrounding area, and partly due to a non-mechanized working method, a fertile environment has been created with high-quality and positive life energy.

The wide range of trees, shrubs, climbing plants, conifers and perennials is mainly based on useful species and ornamental value. Rare, difficult to propagate, useful and climate-adaptive species are an important part of the assortment. Propagation consists of sowing, cuttings, grafting and splitting. The range consists of varied pot sizes, from P9 to C320, for private individuals (The Natural Outdoor Plantstore) and wholesalers.

Product range

Lowgardens Nurseries cultivates a diversity of rare plant species. Trees, shrubs, conifers, climbers, perennials and ferns are the most common plant groups at our nursery. The broad assortment changes regularly and it is not workable for us to maintain a current list on this site. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to ship plants to guarantee our high-quality cultivation. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised in the supply at our nursery time after time.







Who we are?

Peter Vanlaerhoven

Peter has a long experience as a woody, botanical species grower, with knowledge of cultivation techniques and ethnobotanical, ecological and energetic know-how. He successfully completed the study in ECOtherapy. He possesses a wealth of geopathic knowledge that he uses in various ways within the plant world and environment. His interest mainly goes to lesser-known, woody crops.

Lowgardens Nurseries

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Peter: +31 65115 0438

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